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The motion-sensing game can set users free from the keyboard through spontaneous interaction between users and the computer. Still, the common motion-sensing device is too expensive for the ordinary people, so it is not very popular in developing countries like China. Anyway, the motion-sensing game we have designed by means of the html5 technique has many advantages over the common ones, such as the cross-platform experience and the one-webcam access to the game. Accordingly, the cost of this game is almost for free.


Design Idea:

Since users interact with the computer with their motions during the game completely, I decide to associate users’ motions with the support operations such as start and pause of the game. For example, the user must push apart his hands to open the door and start the game.



Since the webcam can only captures planar images, we can merely make planar judgement of the user’s motions, failing to be as accurate as such motion-sensing devices as Kinect. Therefore, there are still some limits to the playing style of our game. Besides, the fluency of the game is also largely conditional on the performance of the browser. Anyway, we are now working hard on these two impediments in order to offer users a better playing experience.



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